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Testing & Inspection and Repair Services

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FUSIONFIRE makes servicing your Life Safety Systems simple and convenient. With our ECLIPSE Services, we’ve got you covered. There are no small Life Safety System problems. Intermittent fire alarm issues, and water damage can derail any business. Make the call to us. Our experienced team has the fire alarm and sprinkler acumen to assess, plan, and remedy your issues quickly and effectively. We have a little saying at our company that we hope you will appreciate. It’s not fixed, until it’s FUSIONFIRE Fixed. We have high standards for service because you expect it of us.

If it’s system Testing and Inspection you need, we’ve got you covered there too. We understand NFPA testing and inspection requirements of Life Safety Systems. Call us today to perform the regular inspections of your fire alarm, sprinkler, fire pump, backflow preventers, fire hydrants, fire extinguishers, emergency lights, etc. We can also handle your system repairs, deficiency remediation, fire pump replacement/rebuilds, central station monitoring, “off-year” inspections like a 5-Year standpipe flow test, 5-Year check valve inspection, 5-Year hydrostatic testing, coordinating UL Dry Pendent Testing, and so much more.

Have your seen our inspection reports or service tickets yet? We use iPads for the completion of our service tickets and our testing and inspection reporting. As a result, our description of work is recorded directly into your report so that we can provide a consistent and thorough inspection and send the applicable documentation to you quickly. This technology also enables us to integrate photos of your systems when specific system deficiencies and impairments are identified. Building Owners and Property Managers also appreciate our clear and detailed explanations of the deficiencies we find during our inspections. Simply noting that your fire pump is bad, and that it can be fixed on a Time & Material basis, just doesn’t cut it. We will explain what the issue is and send you a quotation describing what it will take to repair it.

When emergencies happen, and they will, our Eclipse Service team members are NICET Certified in both fire alarm and sprinkler systems. Therefore, in most cases, we can save you the time and additional expense of dispatching a second technician to solve the issue. Plus, our IP Phone system makes easy for us to route emergency calls to the appropriate team members. Time is of the essence, so we made the investment to ensure you get the best response possible.

Have questions? Sometimes you just need a partner who can shine a little light on your Life Safety System questions. Call us. With over 100 years of experience, we are happy to help navigate the uncertain waters of our industry to get you the assistance you need. Answers are typically free. Solutions may be bit more expensive.

We also have a complement of Training Topics that we offer to our customers who want to learn more about their systems. Part of our mission is to “pay it forward”, because customers who know more about their systems, can help to recognize issues and problems with their systems before they become emergencies. Sharing our knowledge with you is part of our Mission.

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